At the site of the double suicide bomb attack in Qamihsli. 29/07/16

So was in the gaff last night watching Mission Impossible I or III or whatevs and a call came in about another explosion, this time in Amude, 20k from here. The doctor I live with is from there so we were up and atom and out the door.

The ambulance picked us up and off we went. The siren had no audio so we had a rather sketch 15 minute commute nearly crashing a dozen times and running over everyone in sight.

On arrival we couldn't find a blast scene so headed for the hospital. It was business as usual but had a slightly heightened security presence. We met a doctor who was a former colleague and enquired about casualties. In this case there was only one, the suicide bomber himself.

We went into surgery and sure enough there was, an IS lad laid on the table. He was slightly charred, had a few cuts and bruises, unconscious but breathing by himself. The story was that he walked into a crowded area, shouted 'Allah Akbar' but wasn't rigged properly. The only thing he managed to blow off was one of his toenails. 5 doctors were working on him, giving him the same attention and urgency they'd give to his would have been victims.

He was young, early 20's, great physique, not a bad looker. You could almost say he had his whole life ahead of him. What the fuck was he doing there, doing in any of this? Apart from anger I began to feel really sorry for this asshole. He was born into the world like the rest of us and like us was looking for answers, for a purpose, some meaning and a way to make something of yourself in this short miraculous gift we've been given. This kid was the rare product of males and females that found each other and reproduced over millions of years. It's a bloody miracle and this is what you do with it?! This is the best you can come up with?

Luckily we weren't needed so we headed home. Wasted 90 minutes of my life but I'm very thankful that it wasn't wasted with what could have been. This a-hole definitely should have checked himself before he wrecked himself in every aspect of his life.