Back home in Dublin 7/10/16

I'm back in Dublin just under a month. So far I'm loving the shit weather and the free pints but more importantly I'm overwhelmed by the support and interest in our Syrias Vibes campaign.For a long time friends and colleagues have been telling me that I can do more for the situation by spreading awareness and telling it like it is, here in Ireland rather than ducking and diving over there. I'm now starting to believe them.

Today, Friday October 7th, sees the launch of our much anticipated website and our official launch in The Grand Social. For us to finally get to this stage took a lot of hard work, not only on our part but hard work from friends, colleagues and now former strangers who have united and banded together with the goal of doing everything we can to help the innocents of Syria.

Our latest Just Giving campaign will launch tonight also. We're aiming to have a significant impact on medical and emergency services in Syria so naturally we're aiming big in the form of purchasing, converting and staffing two ambulances that will serve Rojava in the north.
Also on the website we will have regular updates from our colleagues on the ground and information regarding the ever changing situation in Syria.  

Our aim is to serve as a platform for anybody who feels helpless with this horrible situation and wants to help so please share your thoughts and ideas with us. 

That's all for now, I gotta get my records out of storage and blow the dust of them for tonight!