Doctor profile: Nemam Ghafouri

This is Nemam Ghafouri. She was born on Christmas day 1968 in the caves of the Kurdish mountains where it was common for people to take refuge during bombing attacks. Hiding in the mountains became too dangerous when the Iraqi central government began using chemical weapons in the region so at age 7, she and her family ended up as refugees in Iran.

Nemam and her family were eventually granted asylum in Sweden. Here she would learn 4 languages and in 2001 she graduated as a doctor from university in Umea.

Nemam worked as a cardiothoracic surgeon in Sweden and volunteered in Ethiopia and India. In 2014 she turned her attention to working with refugees and IDP's in her homeland where she set up Joint Help For Kurdistan in response to the Yazidi genocide at the hands of ISIS.

Her clinic in Bajed Kandala Camp sees up to 200 people daily free of charge and, with our support, facilitates a psychology programme to assist the most vulnerable and affected survivors of the Yazidi genocide. Nemam is one of the most respected advocates and loudest voices for the Yazidi people in Kurdistan.

Calvin first met Nemam in Kobane, northern Syria in July 2016 where she was coordinating two truckloads of aid from JHK to the recently liberated people of Manbij. After a few days of working together, Calvin knew the best way to help the people caught up in this conflict was to help Nemam, her work and her vision.

If you would like to support our and Nemam's work, please check the link below.…/charity/scoop/syriasvibes3