Funding a mobile clinic for Syrian refugees and Psychology Programme begins...

Just a wee update on where Syrias Vibes right now and what we're doing both home and away.

We're delighted to announce that we hit 77% of our target for our psychological programme in Bajed Kandala IDP Camp and have sent €6,000 to fund the first 3 months. This programme will ensure 25 women and children, all survivors of the Yazidi genocide of 2014, will receive regular therapy, medication where necessary and support with transport for hospital referrals. We also sent additional funds to help fix the main generator for the clinic.

We also sent €10,000 to our Syrian partners who are starting a mobile medical clinic this month for Syrian refugees displaced in Sulaymaniah in Kurdistan. This clinic will be in operation in the region for 3 months to begin with and will see an estimated 5,000 refugees in that timeframe. These refugees aren't residing in camps but in and around Sulay City so this programme will target the most vulnerable people in the region. Not a bad month I must say! 

None of this would have been possible without you. Folks who put on events for us, folks who donate, folks who inspire us to continue all the great work that we are all pulling off together. Our partners on the ground delivering crucial services day in day out, I couldn't be more proud of us all!

So it's back to work for us. We will be announcing our newest JustGiving campaign in the coming weeks. As a lot of you may know the final offensive to push ISIS out of Raqqa City has begun. This promises to be an incredibly grim phase for civilians who are helplessly caught up in this mess and these people need our support now more than ever so please watch this space.

If anyone wishes to donate to the final 23% of our psychology campaign check out the link below.  Again thank you all, we couldn't have done any of this without you. X