​In the wake of the attacks in Manchester...

In the wake of the attacks in Manchester, we've stepped into a horribly dark phase in fighting terrorism. I'm not talking about the actual incident here but of the backlash and the reaction to it and what the effects of that will be.

Syrias Vibes which helps innocent people affected by The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. We set up our most recent campaign to help victims of the Yazidi genocide, many of whom were kidnapped and sold into slavery by IS.

7,000 Yazidi, an ethno-religious minority from Iraq were taken in August 2014. Mostly young women and children, they were sold like cattle, some for hundreds of dollars, some for the price of 200 cigarettes and subjected to torture, rape and every other form of abuse imaginable. 

Half of these survivors, through escaping or negotiating their release at extortionate prices have returned to their families, the other half remain, their families not knowing if they are alive or dead.

So we at the Vibes were delighted to get into a position where we and our donor friends could help. We have friends who help us boost posts on facebook and one from the UK did us a solid, so our new campaign was UK bound. Nothing prepared us for what we were to encounter.

As expected when our campaigns go out, we got the odd 'charity begins at home,' and 'what about our homeless?' but what came back from the UK was shocking. One woman said the only money she'd give is to bomb them whilst many said that our campaign was highly inappropriate in light of what just happened. Helping survivors of the Islamic State and terrorism is inappropriate? Do go on!

So I looked up the profiles of these folk expecting to find the usual, BNP, EDL but found that they seemed quite regular or normal as you would call it. These people are concerned, terrified and are coping with it the only way they know how. And THIS is where IS and terrorism lie victorious.

When ISIS rolled through Syria and Iraq, controlling huge swathes of territory, they knew that this would be short term. Right now they are on their last legs in Mosul and Raqqa as they are on the brink of losing their 'State' status permanently. They did however succeed in their primary objectives, to divide people and communities and turn people who are not born of them against each other. They managed to fool the world into thinking they represent Islam and that Islam represents them. They manage to continually recruit young, highly impressionable, naive young people, young people with no purpose, young people who are alienated from their community looking for answers and finding something in terrorism. If you look at the recent bomber, the other bombers and foreign nationals fighting in Syria, you will find that beforehand they drank and did drugs, never went to mosque, were on the road to fuck until they found their way into the bosom of IS.

This recruitment process is driven by slick IS propaganda, the media and by those in the community calling for border closures and deportations. EDL and BNP marches, contrary to what they believe aren't a show of solidarity of the British people but a wedge further driving communities apart and inevitably pushing those on the brink of the community out of it. 

This is the circle of shitness that needs to be broken. The right wing is getting bigger, 'Islamic' extremism is at new heights, the youth are more disillusioned than before and everybody else is terrified. This is a toxic situation where for every action from terrorism results in a reaction from everyone else, a reaction which doesn't make the situation better, a reaction that breeds more hate and fear which is recycled into more terrorism.  Both groups are feeding off each other and essentially breeding each other.

I guess at this point of the rant you're looking for an answer in the form of 'What can we do?' Firstly we need to understand that these scumf**ks that carry out attacks like the one in Manchester are not of Islam. They don't represent those from the middle east who are fleeing that conflict, they don't represent the 100's of thousands of people living under IS rule in Iraq and Syria.  Communities need to come together and work together to root out those in the community who are radicalising the youth who are on the brink of falling away from the rest of us. Parents need to talk to their children. 

People need to turn away from The Suns and The Daily Mails for answers.  As with our governments, they need to stop bombing other countries for 'our' interests and need to support the innocent people of Iraq and Syria instead of cosying up with Saudi Arabia, the Emerati and other real terrorists. Our generation is on the brink of losing this battle against terrorism. We need to break this cycle, this cycle is not our only option, we're stuck in it because we're afraid and afraid to think outside the box.