KRC, Raqqa, Mosul, Aleppo And Those Pesky Turks

As usual it's been a busy week in the region. In Rojava in the North, Turkey continue their illegal invasion with Turkish backed FSA jihadis taking control of Til Jihan, Ablah and Duwayi. Kurdish YPG forces advance towards Fafin and an SAA military college under control of IS.

Turkish army also illegally entered the Afrin canton and attacked Kurdish civilians who were protesting peacefully with tear gas and rubber bullets, injuring 17.

Turkish overlord Erdogan stated that his forces will push for Al Bab, then to Manbij, then on to Raqqa. This is rather mind-boggling as he is in full favour of overthrowing the regime and was known for facilitating ISIS's existence so 'liberating' Raqqa from IS makes no sense whatsoever. 

They are firm in stating that the Kurds will play no role in liberating Raqqa and their foreign minister Cavasoglu announced that the Kurds AND the US are terrorists! America stated that any coalition assault on Raqqa will involve the Kurds. Sen John McCain has condemed Turkey's action against the Kurds and stated Turk/US relations are seriously strained. Saudi Arabia declared today that they are ready to get involved in Raqqa too so the plot thickens.

In Aleppo Assad visited pro regime neighbourhoods under heavy security so all internet was shut down during this visit. Opposition rebels launched a fresh offensive from eastern Aleppo firing hundreds of missiles into west Aleppo killing 15 civilians. They also targeted a military airport.

Turkey continue their assault on the predominantly Kurdish neighbourhood of Sexmexsoud in northern Aleppo.

In Mosul, IS have killed 232 men and boys they were using as human shields. ISF seize Hamzeh, south of Mosul and are now 20k from the city. ISF declared that they have killed 900 IS fighters thusfar.

With Heyva Sor A Kurd (KCR) things are getting very busy. They responded to a motorcycle suicide attack in Hasakeh early in the week which wounded 5 people.

In Newroz Refugee Camp they have taken in more than 1400 new families from Mosul. The UN declared that roughly 50000 people will pour into Rojava in the coming days so our lads on the ground will have their work cut out for them. If you wish to donate to help KRC with these very challenging time ahead check out our newly fixed donate page and give what you can.