Martyred in Manbij. 13/08/16

I first met Firaz in Iraq in February. We crossed into Syria together and being the only two noobs coming to Rojava, we trained together. Despite being fluent in Kurmanji, he always came language classes with me to spare me being on my tobler and always corrected the mistakes my teacher made after. I always got stuck with the 1 am to 3 am watch, I complained to the top brass that this wasn't fair. It fell on deaf ears but Firaz made sure we shared the worst watch even if it meant he would only pull 2 hours sleep that night. He was a true gentleman. He didn't have to do shit for nobody but always helped anyone he came across. It's just he way he was. Despite being only 12 years my senior he was a father figure to myself and many of the younger lads who came out here. He'll be sorely missed.