Mobile Clinic Vibes in Sulaymaniah

So right now I'm in Heyva Sor HQ in Sulaymaniah, Iraqi Kurdistan, my home away from home you can call it now as it's my 8th time here. It's 43 degrees, definitely not beard weather and I'm lacking the appropriate attire for this heat, pants in particular but more on that later! 

On Sunday I had the pleasure of assisting our partners delivering general healthcare via the new mobile medical clinic in the district. At the beginning of the summer we and our donors provided $10,000 to help with this much needed programme to assist refugees from Rojava, Syria who aren't living in camps but dotted around various towns and communities in the region. The clinic works in a different location everyday and repeats it's cycle weekly. 

Myself, a driver, a doctor and a pharmacist (Mohammad, Mohammad and Ahmed) drove two hours from our base to a town called Chwarqurla, near the Iranian border to provide healthcare to 38 refugees, who without the clinic, would have gone without. Bear in mind, assistance from the government and employment opportunities are like hens teeth round these parts which makes the clinic a critical service for these people.

 We unloaded the equipment and around 80 various medications into a small centre and got to work. The patients were male and female, aged 3 to 80 and were treated and prescribed medications for chronic pain, various infections and general health. The team worked very efficiently, without breaks to ensure everybody was seen to. 

So that was Chwarqurla done for another week. The clinic has been in full swing for 3 weeks now and has funding to continue working for another 2 months. We at Syrias Vibes wish to continue our support for this clinic, to keep it going and hopefully to expand into other regions in need. 

I will be working with the clinic again tomorrow before I head to Bajed Kandala Camp in the North on Wednesday so watch this space.

If you would like to make a donation to assist with this programme, please visit or drop me a mail at [email protected] X