Our new donations platform 28/02/17

Andy here. We are very proud to introduce our brand new donations platform.

Each STAR represents a man, woman or child in need of immediate medical care or on-going treatment in the 8 clinics run by our partner org on the ground in Syria - The KRC (Kurdish Red Crescent). White stars have been bought and therefore represent someone who has received medical attention or care.

Red stars are for purchase and represent the need for medical services in Syria.

A little can go a very long way in Syria, for example we bought and fitted out a brand new ambulance recently for €28,000 (Jan 2017). €100 covers a professional doctor's weekly salary, €50 can provide medical equipment for an entire day. 

So each STAR is therefore available for purchase for €10, which can help pay for a doctor who could treat up to 30-40 patients in a single day . Donor's can then leave their name and a short message for other visitors to find, by clicking on white stars.

We are still tweaking the idea so any feedback is most welcome! Visit www.donate.syriasvibes.com and see what you think!