Qamishli, Syria 24/08/16

So Turkey has finally invaded Syria. One of the major issues in the north was to close the gap in the border so Islamic extremists couldn't supply Syria with any more misery from abroad. Turkey has also declared war on America's only ally in the region, a move that is mind bogglingly backed by the US. America was fully behind the Kurds in kicking ISIS out of Manbij now Joe Biden has declared the US will not support the Kurds in this region in the future and is demanding they pull out to let Turkish backed rebels fill the vacuum.

Turkey is painting the Islamic State and the Kurdish forces with the same brush and has begun shelling Kurdish positions in areas where there is 0% IS activity.

It's been evident for months now that Turkey facilitated the rise of IS, allowed trade between IS and 1000s of Turkish businesses and is a strong supporter of Al Qaeda offshoot Al Nusra. This is not a declaration of war on IS but a declaration of war on the only ally the world has in the fight against ISIS.

This proves America is no different from any of the other players in this war and have an agenda other than wiping daesh from the region. I always knew America, like they've always done, would throw the Kurds under the bus. I just didn't think it would happen today.

Now Turkey have America, Russia and tens of thousands of radical f*cks at their disposal and the future for the Kurds is incredibly bleak. We still can't get out heads around it here.