Regional Update 20/10/16


 So I'm looking to start a regular blog entries to try to keep you all updated with whats going on in the region, to the best of my knowledge!  One thing you all know is the situation is ever changing and getting more complicated by the day so do stop by every 48 hours or so. Here I will give updates on whats happening in and around Aleppo, Rojava, the Mosul Offensive and on Turkey's actions.

Assad and Russia have announced a 'humanitarian pause' rolled out today from 8am to 7pm to allow civilians and rebels leave the eastern part of the city. There has been reports of rebels shelling humanitarian crossings and checkpoints to hinder civilians leaving.

Turkey has begun shelling the western Rojavan canton of Afrin, Northern Syria killing 15 Syrian Democratic Force troops (SDF). SDF on the Al Bab front are currently making advances against ISIS south east of Marea. However Turkish jets are striking SDF in Um Hosh, Um Qura and Al Hessia to slow SDF advances in recovering more ground from IS. 

SDF spokesman Telal Silo has stated that SDF will continue to police the Iraqi border to intercept IS fighters fleeing from Mosul trying to cross into Syria.

In the Mosul offensive the Kurdish Peshmerga are holding a line 30k from the city as Iraqi forces push on. A deal was made that Iraqi troops will be the only ones to enter the city when the time comes. Several reports that most IS fighters that were in Mosul have fled or are fleeing the city via a western corridor and through underground tunnels. Several thousand still remain and have left out an obstacle course of IED's and boobytraps for the lads.