Regional Vibes - The latest on what's going on with Turkey, Russia, Rojava and Aleppo 02/11/16

Yesterday saw over 80 cities worldwide hold rallies of solidarity for Kobane International Day.

Footage has emerged of Turkish soldiers executing 2 unarmed female PKK prisoners of war. As usual, none of the major media providers are carrying this story. If it was American troops executing 2 Al Qaeda militants the internet would lose its shit so we must ask why the world continues to turn a blind eye and facilitates Turkey's illegal activities.

There is talk of Turkey moving into northern Iraq into Sinjar. Iraqi PM has warned that any such move by Erdogan will face heavy consequences. Turkey also continue to randomly strike the Efrin canton in Rojava.

In a surprising move the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and Assad's Syrian Army (SAA) and the Syrian Republican Guard (SRG) are coordinating operations together to take the strategically important town of Al Bab from IS before Turkey get a chance to take it. Should Turkey take the town first it would give them access to the Aleppo front which is the last thing this war needs. If you wish to educate yourself on what the Turks are up to and you're on Facebook, find and follow Kurdish activists from the UK Mark Campbell and Maryanne Lavrence. If anyone knows the lowdown it's these guys.

Regarding Aleppo, Putin has declared another humanitarian pause to roll out on Friday Nov 4th from 09:00 to 19:00. 6 humanitarian corridors will be opened for civilians whilst 2 will be open to militants who will be allowed to leave with their weapons either to Idlib or the Turkish border.

Currently there is a Russian flotilla accompanied by 3 submarines south of Crete en route to Syria.

In Mosul the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Unit has declared control of routes between Mosul and Raqqa plus the Mosul/Erbil highway. Iraqi Federal Police are 15k away from Mosul airport in the south and have allegedly reached the city limits in the east.